Gallery and workshop in Tivoli , Copenhagen Oct 13th- Nov 5th 2017.

Well, there is not much to add. I have got my own miniature gallery and workshop / atelier in Tivoli, "Miniatureværkstedet, - Miniatures by Lark.

Please, visit web-site and find the artworks which are on show, my miniature  designs and miniature decorations, miniature crafts, miniature paper crafts or follow building up my new workshop / miniature atelier and gallery on the FACEBOOK-page: "Miniaturevaerkstedet,- miniatures by Lark." Thanks. 

See you in Tivoli, Copenhagen in the autumn!


Lisbet Lark.

Woven Heart Art Museum is closed in 2017

 Open hours: 

Whooops! The woven heart art museum is rigth now homeless.